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Pendants and necklaces

Below you can find examples of our handmade jewels:
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"Cof" Pendants exclusively handmade from minerals and hard stones. The natural colors of the minerals bring to life several popsicle flavors: "orange" and "strawberry" from calcite, "lemon" from citrine quartz and "mint" from jasper. popsicle pendants in gold, minerals
Chainsaw pendant in yellow gold, antique style silver and turquoise shaped by hand. chainsaw shaped pendant
Handcrafted Necklace with zoomorphic center in aquamarine. Wiredrawn by hand to a .2 milimeter thread, then interwoven to form the links of the chain. Pendant in cut aquamarine. necklace in aquamarine
Noble Opal necklace
Gold settings for an handpainted ceramic and a coral jewel. handpainted ceramic and gold pendantcoral pendant
Heart shaped pendant
Small objects from a yellow gold band
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